The Buck Bomb

Xtrus Certified Doe n Estrus Bomb

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Buck Bomb XTRUS is unlike any other deer urine that’s ever been available – XTRUS is certified to contain levels of estrogen found in whitetail does. Each batch is lab-tested and certified for maximum estrogen levels before ever going into a “bomb” can. XTRUS uses a new, patent-pending deer urine collection method that provides fresh, peak estrus urine.

Each can of Buck Bomb features the NVERTR 180-degree ball valve that allows it to be sprayed in short bursts – even upside down. Or, lock down the valve and empty the contents all at once to unleash a potent cloud of scent that can travel in excess of a quarter mile on a 3 mph breeze. Spray in the air, on leaves, in mock scrapes or just on the ground. 6.65oz can.


  • Biologically enhanced and certified to contain estrogen levels found in whitetail does
  • Lab-tested and certified for max estrogen levels
  • New patent-pending deer urine collection method for fresh, peak estrus urine
  • Spray in short bursts or lock down valve to empty full can contents
  • NVERTR valve atomizes urine to stick to everything it touches in the woods
  • Scent travels in excess of 1/4 mile on 3 mph breeze