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1/8" Pink #6 Verifier

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  • Don’t let changes in your vision compromise your ability to make the shot!  The Verifier has a lens in it similar to the ones found in reading glasses.  Allows you to see your sight pins better on your hunting sight.  The Verifier lens sharpens the picture so pins and quarry are easy to see.
  • The 1/8″ & smaller Verifier is for use in the Pro Series and Ultra Lite Peeps.  It will also fit in the #749-37L and #749-37LH Peep with the use of the Peep Reducer (#753-3).
  • The Verifier is available in #4 (Silver), #5 (Purple), #6 (Pink), #7 (Blue), #8 (White), or #9 (Orange).
  • #4 is the weakest, #9 is the strongest.
  • The peep should be inserted in the string so the side with the verifier, clarifier, or aperture is on the side you look through.