Bow Master

Portable Press and Standard L Brackets

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The Bowmaster Portable Bow Press fits in the palm of your hand and weighs just 3/4 lb., yet has all the capabilities of a full size bow press.  This durable tool can really save the day, allowing you to replace strings or cables, install peep sights, adjust draw length and more.


The all metal construction of the Bowmaster makes this a tool that will give years of dependable service.


The unique patented jackscrew design gives the Bowmaster a wide range of adjustment. The jackscrew is infinitely adjustable over it's range giving the precise amount of compression needed for each job. The Bowmaster's long range of pull not only permits the replacement of a damaged or worn bowstring but also the replacement of a broken bowstring. In fact, with the Bowmaster you can perform any repair that can be performed with a full size bench mounted bow press and yet the Bowmaster can do something they can' can fit in your pocket!


The plastic covered 3/8" cable ends fit all "V" split limb bow models.  Quad Limb Brackets (sold separately) are required for full split limb bows.


The Bowmaster's long range of pull eliminates the need for precise bow length adjustment. This allows for the use of a multiple stop cable with 1 1/4" adjustments in place of the bulky rods used by other portable bow presses for bow length adjustment. The multiple stop cable is one of the features that helps to make the Bowmaster one of the most compact portable bow presses on the market (just 3" x 5" when the cable is rolled up).

 5/8" HEX HEAD

The 5/8" hex head permits the use of a wrench or socket driver for even greater ease of use when the situation allows. The hex head also permits the use of an electric or pneumatic socket driver to make the job even quicker.


The "T" handle allows for easy use in the field with no additional tools required.

The standard width L Brackets will fit a maximum cam width of 3/4”, which will cover about 95% of the bows on the market.